A Pioneering Story

Tabiona Steaks is rooted in the history of an American pioneering family. In 1847, well over a century and a half ago, the LeFevres settled in Elsinore, Utah and built their ranch homestead. Their strong work ethic, vision, and determination allowed them to successfully raise Hereford and Angus beef cattle, and in turn, provide a quality meat product for the community.

The Duchesne River Runs Through It

Today, generations later, Roger LeFevre continues his family’s legacy and embodies their pioneering spirit.  A herd of Wagyu-Angus cross beef cattle graze on a ranch in the Tabiona Valley.  Here, the pristine waters of the Duchesne River run through it, providing the herd a crystal clear, clean water source. 

Tenderly Cared for Cattle Produce Tender Meat

In addition to pure Duchesne River water, the American Wagyu herd is pastured on sweet, green grass during spring, summer and fall, and alfalfa hay during the winter. At the proper time, they are slowly and artfully fattened with delicious corn grain silage mash. 

Like family farm animals, the herd is tenderly cared for.  The cattle enjoy a healthy, controlled, and stress-free environment.  This relaxed lifestyle ensures no adrenaline rushes into the muscles, making for soft, succulent, and heavily marbled meat full of healthy, delectable monosaturated fat and amino acids. 

From Our Ranch to Your Table

Tabiona Steaks is proud to offer high quality, USDA inspected, sustainably grown, and humanely harvested American Wagyu beef direct from our ranch to your table. You will delight in the meat’s indescribably delicious taste, and your health will greatly benefit from the high concentration of monounsaturated fats and omegas.  No matter what your favorite cut is, you will find they all deliver the same wonderful taste and tender, buttery consistency. 

Your taste buds are gonna love this gourmet experience like chefs, connoisseurs, and families across the US do!