Nestled in the beautiful Uinta Mountain range, Tabiona is a beautiful town located in the Duchesne County in the northeast of Utah. While beef is extremely important for Utah, the livestock industry accounts for 69 percent of Utah’s farm cash receipts. About $560 million comes from meat sales alone, including beef, pork and mutton. But Utah also ranks in the top 10 nationally for tart cherries, apricots, sweet cherries, mink and sheep production.
Tabiona steaks is one of the local company committed to sustainable business practices that found practical and innovative ways to conserve natural resources, create more energy-efficient products, and use materials in a way that minimizes pollution and waste.
Utah is well-renowned for its delicious tasteful and tender beef, the farm-to-table touch has been passed down for generations and they continue to spend day and night working to get the freshest meat in your hands and in your plate. It’s the farmer’s touch and Utah soils that make every bit satisfying

Tabiona provides place the perfect environment for our animals to grow peacefully.

With more than 18000 acres of land and all the infrastructures necessary to raise, harvest and process quality meat we deliver what we promise.

From prime Angus to highly marbled American wagyu, the taste, texture and tenderness of our meat reflect the environment in which our animals have been raised.

We are a true Utah Ranch-2-Table purveyor bringing you exceptional grass fed, 140-day vegetarian finished American Wagyu and Utah Premium Beef. Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality beef products, free of added hormones or antibiotics, to ensure you are eating healthy, flavor-packed steaks!